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Winamp Remote

WinampRemote is an Android application that enables you to control the Winamp running on your PC with your Android mobile phone. Almost everything can be controlled, not only standard controls like play, pause, stop, next and previous but also full playlist editing and equalizer are supported.

A small server application has to be run to connect your phone to winamp. Click here to download the server application.

To download the installation HOWTO / documentation please click here: WinampRemote documentation

UPDATE release 1.0.3
Today a new update will be released wich fixes a few bugs and adds some requested options. Biggest improvements are: - Multiple profile settings
- Larger volume, progress and equalizer bars
- Fixed force closes on playlist start caused by incorrect configured playlist directory in windows server app
- In file and folder windows users can now press a letter on the keyboard on which the screen scrolls down to the first file or folder starting with that letter.
Please contact me if you run into any problems. Everybody is also welcome to request any future changes.

If you like to learn about this project or if you would like to contribute please visit the appropiate SourceForge page,